May 15, 2018
Tonight: Final Mikvah Series Class

This Tuesday will culminate the Spring Review Series in Crown Heights with a class on Hashkafa featuring Mrs. Sara Marosow.

This Tuesday will culminate the Spring Review Series with a class on Hashkafa featuring Mrs. Sara Marosow and hosted by the Rubashkin family.

Due to the personal nature of this topic conference call in will not be available.

All women are encouraged to join for an evening of strength and inspiration.

And they have done it AGAIN! After completing 5, of the 6 sessions, for their Spring Review Series,'s support to strengthen Taharas Hamishpacha continues to go strong!

A variety of Kallah teachers, well versed in Halachos, presented detailed classes complete with Hashkafa, inspiring everyone with the beauty of this powerful mitzvah.

Each class ends with the opportunity for both those present, and those listening in via free conferencing, to submit their questions and recieve answers on the spot. Many women remain to speak directly to the teachers one on one, and some even go on to build personal relationships with those they connect to!

To expand their audience to women who may be unable to attend, also provides a conference call for others to join in. With over 100 callers tuning in, many women, living outside of crown heights, as well as Shluchos from across the country are able to participate! presents these classes free of charge as a service to the Chabad community near and far. In addition, many review sessions are available free of charge directly on to view and learn, from the privacy of your home at any time. (Donations are certainly welcome and needed to enable them to continue serving the community)

Raffle tickets for great prizes, generously donated, are sold at each class, and online through, enabling women to have some fun while participating in this vital mitzvah.

"Each time I attend a review session, I learn something new! Thank you!" says Chanie G.

"Thank you for making these reviews available! Living out of town, it is a treat that I can enjoy from my own home!" says Malky H.

"May all of you who work so tirelessly, be blessed! You cannot imagine how much your sessions enhance my observance of TH!" says Leah B.

Photos: Zissel G. Photography

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Thank you
Thank you for making these wonderful sessions available to the community and even to those not privileged to be here in person.
I learn something new every time!
(5/15/2018 7:47:27 PM)
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