May 15, 2018
North Miami Joins Achdus Event
Photos: Mendy Bleier

Hundreds joined an evening of Achdus at Bais Menachem of North Miami Beach with guest speaker Rabbi Yossi Jacobson.

Hundreds of people from South Florida came out last week in preparation for Shavuos to an evening of Achdus at Bais Menachem of North Miami Beach, featuring Rabbi Yossi Jacobson.

The evening was dedicated to inviting the greater North Miami Beach community to the new Bais Menachem building and had all of the local Rabbonim in attendance.

The evening started with a warm welcome from Rabbi Eli Laufer, followed by a Dvar Torah from the Shliach and Mora Da'sra Rabbi Yosef Y. Marlow.

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson engaged the audience with his captivating message of achdus and humor. The crowd was a beautiful mix of the greater community and everyone left feeling inspired and uplifted.

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Sacho Catering you are the best - always to perfection
(5/15/2018 3:53:57 PM)
Proud Community Member
I was there. What a beautiful event!
Such a Kidush Lubavitch!
(5/15/2018 11:01:17 PM)
Very nice
Very impressive pictures of a very impressive event
(5/16/2018 8:31:21 AM)
Sacho is the way to go
Sacho Catering was awsome!!!!!
(5/16/2018 1:32:52 PM)
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